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Flap Wheels

Resin bonded
Aluminum Oxide Cloth

Flap Wheels

Resin Bonded Aluminum Oxide Cloth
Available Grits: 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320
Price Range: $3.98/Unit to $10.60/Unit
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Combination Flap Wheels

Combination Flap Wheels are made of abrasive fleese sections divided by abrasive cloth. This combination provides both a roughing and finishing aspect. Excellent for blending and light stock removal.
1/4" shank.
Price Range: $7.55/Unit to $18.05/Unit
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Abrasive Fleece Wheels

Fleece wheels are manufactured from non-woven abrasive fleece. Available in three grits for most blending, finishing and polishing applications.
1/4" Shank.
Price Range: $6.15/Unit to $19.10/Unit
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