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The new Congress UL-MASTER ULTRASONIC POLISHING SYSTEM offers the mold and diemaker the latest in polishing technology for virtually any polishing application.

Congress UL-MASTER Polishing Unit

The new Congress UL-Master Ultrasonic Polishing System offers the mold and diemaker the latest in polishing technology for virutally any polishing application. The Ultrasonic handpiece is lightweight and compact and is effective for polishing slots, ribs and other small, intricate polishing areas. The Ultrasonic handpiece works especially well with our UltraFine Ceramic and Diamond Ultra Stones. In addition, UL-Master features a second outlet that accepts all the Benchmaster micro-motor handpieces. The Benchmaster handpieces are great for general polishing and deburring applications. Reciprocating, rotary and belt sanding handpieces are all interchangeable on the UL-Master control panel. Price : $2490.00/Unit
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UL-MASTER Polishing System

Complete System Includes:
UL-MASTER Control Panel
UL-MASTER Ultrasonic Handpiece
Benchmaster Reciprocator (#BMRE55)
Diamond Sintered File - 200 grit
Diamond Plated File - 200 grit
4 Tool Holders
12 pc. Congress Polishing Stone Assortment
3 pc. UltraFine Ceramic Stone Assortment
Price : $3250.00/Unit
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UL-MASTER Control Panel

Power Output: AC 60v, 22.6kHZ, DC 3-30V
Dimensions: 7" x 7.5" x 4.5" (approx.)
Powers Ultrasonic and Mechanical Handpieces.
Automatic Feedback System that adjusts for optimum frequency.
Variable Speed and Amplitude Control.
Reverse Rotation Control for Rotary Handpiece.
Price : $1215.00/Unit
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UL-MASTER Ultrasonic Handpiece

Amplitude: 10-45 Micron
Dimensions: 1.25" Diameter x 5.5" oal
Weight: 5 oz.
Lightweight, well balanced handpiece.
Accepts M 6 x 1 threaded shanks.
Significant increase in speed of polishing.
Very effective with Ultrafine Ceramic and Diamond Ultra Stones
Includes 0.5mm and 1.0mm flat holders and 3.0mm round holder.
Price : $1275.00/Unit
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UL-MASTER Diamond Sintered Files

(Discontinued by Mfg. Limited supply still available.) Price : $84.00/Unit
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UL-MASTER Round Holders

Price : $22.50/Unit
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UL-MASTER Diamond Plated Files

Price Range: $63.50/Unit to $67.20/Unit
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UL-MASTER Flat Tool Holders

Price : $25.75/Unit
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