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Jiffy Caps

Jiffy Caps are a coated abrasive product manufactured without seams that are mounted on suitably shaped rubber mandrels. The caps are firmly held, and can be easily changed, thanks to slits cut into the face of the mandrels.

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Order # IMAGE Shape Grit Size
Diam. x Face
Unit Price Qty
JC5F* FLAT TOP 3/16x3/8 PKG $71.55
JC7F* FLAT TOP 1/4x1/2 PKG $71.75
JC10F* FLAT TOP 3/8x5/8 PKG $82.30
JC13F* FLAT TOP 1/2x5/8 PKG $97.60
JC16F* FLAT TOP 5/8x1 PKG $97.51
JC5R* ROUND TOP 3/16x3/8 PKG $71.55
JC7R* ROUND TOP 1/4x1/2 PKG $71.75
JC10R* ROUND TOP 3/8x5/8 PKG $82.30
JC13R* ROUND TOP 1/2x5/8 PKG $97.60
JC16R* ROUND TOP 5/8x1 PKG $97.51
JC5S* CONE TOP 3/16x3/8 PKG $71.55
JC7S* CONE TOP 1/4x1/2 PKG $71.75
JC10S* CONE TOP 3/8x5/8 PKG $82.30
JC13S* CONE TOP 1/2x5/8 PKG $97.60
JC16S* CONE TOP 5/8x1 PKG $97.51